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March 26th, 2014 – The Blaine Humbles Show Podcast

Holy Tired Wednesday!!!

I stayed up late with KaoticRadio.com’s new Girl show, Ladies On Live, and paid the price today!  UGH!  But…  All is good!  Our good friends at Dolce Gastro Pub (www.DolceGastroPub.com) came in with some Croughnuts!  Alice and Irene saved the say…  And they were lucky enough to take a pic with Ray!  Or was he the luck one… Hmmmm…

Anyway, I also want to say Happy Birthday to my Amazing Mother!  They don’t come any better…  😉

Lastly, Loretta (Under The Covers with Mark’s better half) took CFO to task in the birthday game and came up 1/2 point short!  So close!  Turns out CFO isn’t really that good, Ray is just that bad!  HAHA

Back LIVE tomorrow… See ya then!


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Show Host: Blaine Humbles