May 27th, 2014 – The Blaine Humbles Show Podcast

Hope your Memorial Day was a good one…

Back to work!  We started the day off talking about the Kings triumphant weekend!  #GKG…  But we digressed!

It was necessary to break down the Isla Vista shooter, Elliot Rodgers.  These horrible and heinous acts in our society bring us together and drive us apart at the same time!  Don’t be fooled, the need to discuss them at length is necessary, and we are here to do just that!  Was it Mental Illness?  Bad Parenting?  Guns?  Did the Police miss something?  Truth is, we may never really know…

Also on the show, we talked about the Duggars, the Kimye wedding, Motorsports, the shot down landmark V.A. bill, the Nigerian military and much much more!  Listen Live Now!


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Show Host: Blaine Humbles