June 24th, 2014 – The Blaine Humbles Show Podcast

Wednesday it is…

On todays show, we talked to Adult Film Actor Chris Cock and discussed the other side of the coin!  Its easy to (and often over done) ask an Adult Actress about how she ‘takes’ it, but that’s not our style!  What about the other half of the equation!  Chris did not disappoint.  Great guy, great insight, great interview!

Also, we talked a bit about the IRS and their congressional hearings into the lost Lois Lerner emails!  What a bunch of goofs!  IRS = Hypocrite!

Thursdays show will not be LIVE at 8am!  Instead, look for the live TBHS at 12Noon PST!  We must go support our beloved USA!

Til then…

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Show Host: Blaine Humbles